Energyview has been carefully designed by highly experience energy industry professionals, to provide central access to integrated data, analysis and insights

User Experience

Energyview provides a distinctive user experience including high quality data & analysis, rich visualisations, simple navigation and personalised support

Interactive Dashboards

Energvyview incorporates an extensive collection of dashboards with embedded control panels which enable users to select specific data series and combinations. Other features include zoom, data download and print

GIS Maps

Energyview incorporates high quality GIS maps, using an Esri platform, with a layer selection panel which enables the user to tailor maps to meet specific requirements

High quality content

Energyview consistently delivers high quality data,  analysis and insights via an integrated suite of modules which cover all material elements of the energy value chain

High quality data and analysis

Users have direct access to an extensive collection of data sources covering all elements of the value chain. Energyview’s tailored governance system ensures all data and analysis conforms with best practice standards including digital screening and review by highly qualified specialists

High quality visual assets

Energyview’s image library provides access to an extensive collection of high quality photos, illustrations, diagrams, icons and beyond – covering technical, operational, strategic and financial areas of interest

Additional Features

Industry sector analysis

Energyview covers all major sectors of the energy value chain including oil, gas, electricity, LNG and energy infrastructure. Each sector is analysed in accordance with a proprietary analytical framework, covering market overview, demand, supply, policy, cost and price features

Macro data and analysis

Energyview offers a wide range of data and analysis relating to ‘macro drivers’, including economic, demographic, climatic, policy and other factors

Company analysis

Analysis of an extensive list of companies that are actively involved along the energy value chain

Asset analysis

Extensive analysis of major assets and facilities including distribution and transmissions systems, oil and gas facilities, LNG ventures, petroleum basins, industrial operations and beyond

GIS maps

A wide range of GIS maps are available to ensure a practical understanding of the location and relationships between elements of the energy system

Customised modules

A specialist team is available to develop custom modules to meet client specific needs

Personal support

Personal support is provide by highly trained professionals

Access to models and modelling specialists

A range of models are available to facilitate advanced, independent analysis

Reference library

A Reference Library provides central access to a wide range of data sources, documents and other reference via familiar search engines

Professional development programs

Energyview offers a wide range of PD modules to facilitate online training and development. Modules includes strategic, technical, commercial and financial topics