Leading energy intelligence

Energyview™ is operated by Core Energy & Resources and powered by an integrated suite of leading technologies.

It provides access to comprehensive Australian and international energy intelligence — past, present and future – covering the entire value chain.

Using a familiar web browser, registered users gain access to real-time energy data, information, analysis and insights – using advanced databases, dashboards, analytics, GIS mapping and charting technology.


View of Past, Present, Future

Concise and accurate summaries of:

Historical facts and trends

Present structure, risks and challenges

Scenarios of the future with regard to demand, supply, cost and price


Self Service

Read online or download; use as is or customise

Specialist service just an email or phone call away



Users choose from an extensive suite of modules to develop a customised system which meets specific needs

Energyview™ is scalable to meet changing future needs cost effectively, when they arise



Powerful User Interface

Integration of leading database technology and software applications provides users with best in class data, information, analysis and insights


Any Device, Anytime

Accessible from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world

Register Now

To register for a trial of Energyview™ contact info@coreenergy.com.au or speak directly to an Energyview™ team member on +61 8 8470 0050.

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