Core Energy commenced the development of Energyview in 2015 which is now developing a reputation as Australia’s leading energy intelligence platform.

Energyview provides clients with access to leading data, information, analysis and broader business intelligence across the complete energy value chain – from primary resource (basin, reservoir, wind system et al) to end customer market – oil, gas, coal, renewable energy, LNG, electricity and more.

Energyview utilises leading database, analytics, dynamic dashboards and GIS-based mapping technologies to provide users with access to detailed facts and analysis and a practical view of the outlook for energy markets, assets and companies.

Engagement Scope

Develop Australia's leading energy intelligence platform to add value to client research, analysis and decision-making processes ...

Focus Area

Analysis of historical performance and future scenarios of the outlook of the Australian energy value chain - industry, asset, company ...

Value Add

Accurate data, information and analysis to ensure quality decision making in a timely and cost effective way. Reduce cost, prompt ideas and innovation, reduce cycle time, increase confidence, manage risk ...

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